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The MOLEANDER is a form for doggerel poetry that originates on the Moletrap forum. It resembles the Clerihew, from which it was devised and like the clerihew always has a person as its subject. On internet forums the subject's username is employed.
(a) Four lines
(b) First line consists only of the NAME of the victim and an ANAGRAM thereof, with one or two other words.  Only punctuation is allowed in the anagram - i.e. no interpolated extra words. By convention the name and its anagram are capitalised.
(c)Rhyme AABB
(d) Rhythm generally anapaestic
The second and third lines may be longer or shorter than the first two for comic effect
Moleanders always insult the subject in a humorous way.
Example (of a poster with a religious fixation)
Tried to make us over in his
Image but it didn’t take. Couldn’t shake
Our evil habits. Anyway we thought him fake.
The challenge of devising anagrams has led to variant forms of the moleander in which more than one line terminates with an anagram of the name. The record is an octuple moleander - two four line verses in which all lines terminate with anagrams.

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