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The Moletrap forum, aka Not the [Word removed at the request of Steorn] Forum, aka Village of the Banned is a user forum created in October 2009 based on the same Luximo Vanilla forum software that was used by Steorn Ltd. for their user forum.

The initial purpose was to be a refuge for many of the active members who were banned as Steorn wound down and eventually closed their public forum. It was originally named Not the Steorn Forum but after a request from Steorn's then CEO, Sean McCarthy, the name was cleverly changed to Not the [Word removed at the request of Steorn] Forum.

"Steorn have also requested [pcstru] remove the word Steorn from the forum title, claiming that it is a registered trademark. I have complied with that request and substituted a notice to that effect."[1]


  1. pcstru on renaming the forum pcstru, October 7, 2009
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